Wheel bolt


truck wheel hub bolt and nut 10.9 hub bolt

Name: Truck Wheel Bolts and Nuts Brand: Kangao Material: 40Cr; 35CrMo Grade: 10.9; 12.9 strictly complying with QCT 29074-1992 Finishing: Zinc Plated; Phosphate; Dacromet. SURFACE PROTECTION: Zinc […]
wheel bolt, D bolt, DT wheel bolt

40Cr Grade 10.9 dumper truck wheel bolt

Bolts: It is comprised of head and screw rod (cylinder with external thread), and should be used together with a nut, to connect the assembled parts […]
Rear Wheel Rim Clamp Bolt

Rear Wheel Rim Clamp Bolt

International / Farmall – Fits: H, HV, M, MD, MDV, MTA, MV, ODS6, OS4, OS6, Super H, Super HV, Super M, Super MD, Super MDV, Super MV, […]
tractor wheel bolt

tractor wheel Bolt & Nut, Rear Rim To Center

tractor wheel Bolt & Nut, Rear Rim To Center Material: 40Cr, Grade:10.9, Finish:Phosphated Size: Bolt: M20*1.5/M22*1.5*97 Inner Nut:M20*1.5 M30*1.5*SW21*H62 Outer Nut:M30*1.5*SW41*H26 Small Nut:M22*1.5*SW32*H18 Standard DIN,ISO, ANSI, […]