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Hebei Kangao Auto Parts Co.,LTD

많은 년간 개발을 통해 ,그것은 자동차 부품과 통합된 관리 모델의 큰 회사로 발전 했다, 복합 절연체 금속 끝, 유압 호스 피팅.

허베이 Kangao 자동차 부품 (주) 설립 1989 있으며 21 자본금의 백만. 우리의 회사는 Hejian 도시에 있습니다., 허베이 성.

As the member of Chinese forging industry association ,our company is representative and influential in the field of forging parts.

우리의 회사는 보다 더 300 뜨거운 단조를 위한 기계 장비, 기계 작업, 열 처리 및 마무리. 고객 좋은 품질을 약속 하기, 우리는 또한 일련의 장비를 테스트를 가져올합니다, 특히 바그너 스레드는 스레드의 정확도 향상을 위한 장비 처리.

The main production Hub bolts,U-bolts,special bolts for construction and machinery equipment,and Bolt for structural steel engineering, as well as the auto tools.

Relying on the convenient transportation ----the center of the Bohai economic circle. It has to be the leading enterprise with the annual sales of 150 millions in this area .

우리의 회사는 고급 R&D 팀 및 제조 시스템. 전문적인 금형 설계 및 제조. It becomes the matching supplier of many well-known enterprises including the leading enterprises, 그들과 함께 안정적인 파트너십 구축.

The first time cooperation is try, the second time is trust, the long-term is friendship.

Quality Policy

In order to realize the goal of customer satisfaction and insure that customer’s requirement and expectation can be practicable ,so we workout a series of quality policy to make all the customer’s needs transform to be our products and service request.Technological innovationhigh-quality and high-efficientcustomer firstprofessional services.

Our company will use the advanced technology to develop more new products, use the best quality and high efficient to keep company’s vitality, use the idea of customer-focused to realize our promise .